Friday, June 22, 2007

Give away - 2 dogs to good home

Dam dogs!! yes I know they are hating their new backyard - no grass, no trees to hide and play under .. cold and wet on their little paws. But at 1:00am this morning when I was in my dressing gown scouring the fence line for where they had just got out, I was ready to kill them!!!

No I wouldn't ever give them away but I sure feel like it right now.

I'm going to hit the nurseries on the weekend and see if there is anything we can do to alleviate some of their hatred of the backyard. Might get some mulch delivered and see if that helps them a bit, maybe even buy some trees and leave them in the pots for the moment. At least they have something to look at and play around I guess.

Also on the agenda for the weekend is to buy some gum boots!!!

We are also going to have a go at the front garden .. start to clean it up a bit ready to do some planting. We'll attempt to level it out and give it some form, then investigate the soil type and what we need to put on it to break down the clay.

Unfortunately money is tight so whatever we do, it's going to have to be cheap options for the moment. When wedding is done, we'll get stuck into putting money aside for the landscaping and see if we can't have something decent by christmas.

The street is really looking full now with so many houses almost finished. At this rate we'll be the only house in the street with no driveway and no front garden!!!

We drive past one of the houses in the street (Dave & Bec - for those that have been reading the blog from the start you'll notice that Dave was once referred to as 'knobhead Dave'. A term of endearment only :-))) and feel envious every time!! They have a beautiful looking home with a gorgeous front garden. Very simple yet elegant. They are spurring me on to get stuck into ours!!!

Will post pics over weekend of any successes!!!


uncle ant said...

Hi Amber

So you got hit with some vandalism too. I am not that worried about it now, it has been repaired - just made me angry at the time.

Thanks for your comments about the colours in the bathrooms, those are courtesy of 'supermum'. I look at the photos and have no idea what colour it actually is! Pink is some, brownish in others and I am not even colour blind.

Just read your latest update and am trying to think of some quick and cheap tips for you. If I do, I will come back with them.



Anonymous said...

RE: Tony.... vandalising other peoples houses is a joke. Its something only idiots do because it causes grief and anger and also financial burden on those who are affected by it. But when a few blokes decide to enscribe their name in wet concrete footpath about 1inch big letters then its not really hurting anyone nor causing financial burden. John and Andy have good neighbours right the way through their street. Some of 'us' were locking their doors while tradies left them open while it was at lock up.
Hope to meet them one day :P