Monday, June 25, 2007

God bless landscapers

After the weekend, I have a new found respect for people that are insane enough to do landscaping as a profession!

Saturday and Sunday were spent making a path from the footpath to the front door. John is going to build a small walkway/deck type thing out from the front door to meet it so the entry is still not done.

Will post some pics later but we are pretty pleased with the result. I didn't buy enough pebbles to fill in between the pavers so will have to finish that off on the weekend. At $30 a bag the pebbles are currently the most expensive thing in the path!!!!

At least now you can walk from the footpath to the front door without having to worry about your shoes getting an inch of mud!!

Next weekend i'll finish off the path and start getting the soil ready for the little garden we are going to do in front of the windows. In front of that will be another path around to the side gate and then in front of that, just mulch.

One disappointing thing we found was that the water pipe is really close to the surface so we are concerned about digging around too much and hitting it. John was REALLY annoyed about that as he was sure there are plumbing codes and this doesn't meet it!!

Anyway, we are really pleased with our efforts.

Yesterday we thought of a few reality TV shows we could do "Couples landscaping: How to get divorced before you are married" or "Why are you doing it that way you idiot" or "How about you stop being a bitch and telling me what to do!!".



Anonymous said...

LOL Aint it the truth :-)))
What don't kill us make us stronger...Yeh righttttttt.
Mud glorious mud.

Matt Walker said...

"How about you stop being a bitch and telling me what to do!!".

Love it....sounds like my place. :)

uncle ant said...

Ha! I love it too!

I am pretty sure that the pipes should be to a depth of 600mm.

I did try and think of something for you to help with the dogs and mud. All I could come up with is maybe you could get hold of some old carpet to lay out in the backyard so the dogs don't get filthy.

Probably easier said than done, but it may help.



Rel said...

Don't you just love all the mud, not, lol !!! Jase and I swore to all and sundry that we would never build again but would buy established so as to avoid the mud...... Here we are, 8 years down the track, building again......

Good luck with it !