Tuesday, June 05, 2007

House pics

Yippee - pics of the house. For those that are interested I'll be updating with the backyard (aka the 'bog') and the front landscaping.

For those with a good eye you'll see that the couches are two different colours! Yes, they are actually navy blue and it was really bugging me seeing the navy blue against the red wall. While they don't look so great from the back, it doesn't look to bad with the cushions and throws. The good thing is that while I'm been going on and on about needing a new couch (which has fallen on deaf ears until now), the big fella agrees that we need an upgrade!! Woo hoo. Couch shopping here we come.

Thanks for sharing the journey with us .... but it's not over yet!!!!!! Got a wedding and a garden to plan.



Anonymous said...

Nice!!!!!!!! looks 10x better than b4...

uncle ant said...

Hi J & A

Well done, it looks great! I reakon you have got a display quality home and now it also looks the part with your decorations.

The floor has come up really well, looks very warm.

Is that a black metalic glass splashback in the kitchen? That's the choice we have made for out kitchen.

Keep the photos coming, it is very interesting.



Michele said...

Oh wow! It looks so homely and chic already. I love the red accents. I have to agree the floor looks great. I bet you have a grin from ear to ear :) Keep the photos coming.

Missy said...

Wow, I'm amazed. You did all that in...what...less that four days? All hail to J & A!

For awhile there I was thinking that I had been looking at a display home. Then I came across the second last pic. And saw boxes! Oh, there is signs of human form! :D

Lookin' great, guys. Absolutely great. Job well done. :)

Allan said...


I like your timber floors...
Keep posting new photos!


Matt Walker said...


Love the pics! Very brave with the feature walls too. I am not even close to being that brave.

And that media centre setup with the plasma!! Hurrah....

Well done guys :)

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys have the same packing boxs as us.Did you find that they started breeding once the first one was filled and stuck in a corner?
All in all looks bloody good.