Friday, June 01, 2007

The happiness fairy has been

Well I'm feeling much happier today :-)). I think it's sometimes good to have a big vent on paper (or in cyberspace as the case may be). Kind of like therapy this internet thing.

The house will be a hive of activity today in preparation for our move tonight/tomorrow. Each time I go back to 'old' home I can't get my head around how much there is still to pack up but I'm sure once all of the furniture goes, it may not look as bad.

Water tank gets installed tomorrow so I'll be happy if there is no rain in the morning but it can pour in the afternoon to fill our little tank!!

We have our first dinner party on Sunday evening so the race will be on over the weekend to get the house in a reasonably orderly fashion. Actually unpacking is the good part ... packing is crap!

Looking forward to displaying all of the little things I have bought over the last few months. John mentioned the other day that he will be interested to see how much new stuff pops up, lol.

Happy days!! :-))

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