Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The mud ... oh the mud

Even the dogs are struggling with the mud!!! It's awful to have this lovely house surrounded by horrible mud. Cash flow is tight (due to upcoming wedding) therefore we can't afford to get the landscaping done .. not even enough to cover up this %&%()%* mud!!

We did stretch the budget however yesterday and had the concreter come out and give us a quote on the driveway. He said that he could scrape it out and lay road base until we can afford to get the concreting done. We took him up on the offer as it will be better walking on road base than the other.

Wish now we had of added some additional funding to the mortgage to get the outside done, but I guess in a year's time I'll look back at this stage and smile fondly :-))

It's a good thing that the frustration stops the minute I walk in the front door. Still can't believe that the house is ours. Currently feels like I am on holiday somewhere and any day I will be told to pack my bags and move back again.

We are really enjoying the extra space (although I'm tipping our gas bill is going to be enormous for the heating over winter).

John got the plasma up on the wall in the bedroom ... looks absolutely brilliant and he's enjoying playing his X-Box games on a bigger screen!!!

Curtains and timber blinds have gone in .... just need to find some for the bathrooms. Every morning we have little doggy faces at the window while we are showering ... bit freaky having them gawk at you while you are showering!!!!


Missy said...


I'm no tease! I tried to take pics of the house with the mobile but it just turned out black. Haha

Hey, just curious: how come the driveway allowance wasn't included by the builder? I thought it was standard with house/land packages. Assuming you got house and land package.

Oh, and if you don't mind me asking where did you get your window coverings? Just PM me if you want.


The tales of J&A said...

Howdy - no, didn't have a house and land package (spewing about that now). Would have loved the allowance for driveway and fences!!

Window coverings we got through Vista. They were having a 50% sale back in February and we got them to hold the quote until we were ready (last week!!). We had to put a 20% deposit or something to hold the price but we saved quite a lot of money by doing it. Really happy with the quality too. Would recommend them.