Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Andrea ... aka whinging cow

To my friends, family and cyber-friends ... I am SO sorry for having a huge blowout on here.

A. It's got nothing to do with the house
B. Makes me sound like a pathetic loser
C. People simply aren't interested in hearing about my troubles

So .. sorry folks. Happy face is on .... no more complaining unless it's the house I'm complaining about :-))

Birthday day got WAY better after a couple of drinks at lunch time with friends from work. Got a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered from hubby then friends came over for dinner ... where more wine was consumed.

I became the plant lady for my birthday .... receiving 4 lovely natives and 5 or 6 other plants (agave, cordylines, lilirope and aloe vera).

Unfortunately all of these plants will be for out the back yard so they'll have to live in pots for a while yet.

So .. once again ... sorry for the rant and rave. It was a minor meltdown but hopefully shouldn't happen again.

Love ya's all



Bernadette & Perry said...

Rant? Meltdown? You mean that wasn't normal? :-)

Gavin & Vanessa said...

You go girl, rant away.....whinge 'til your heart is content... We will all read it and have a quiet chuckle to ones self... That is what the net is for, isn't it?

I went for a little drive around your estate the other night, however I was unsuccesfull in finding a place that resembled yours. probably in the wrong area though. I was near the display village...

The tales of J&A said...

Hey Gav ..... not far away. If you turn left at the end of the first row of Metricon displays and follow the road around .. through the roundabout .... you'll find us

You'll know our place by the unfinished front yard :-))

If ever you're in the neighbourhood again and can find our place successfully ... feel free to knock and enter for a coffee. Bring plans of your place if you do come!!!!!

And yeah .. the net is for looneys like me :-)))