Monday, January 07, 2008

Be careful what you wish for

Welcome to 2008!!!

I've finally got a chance to sit down ... take a deep breath ... and reflect on what seems like a whilrwind few weeks.

The silly season has come and gone as quickly as it took to spend my whole month's salary!! Fortunately having a hubby that gets paid weekly helps the situation however on the weekend he misplaced his eftpos card therefore the promised trip to the movies with the children was put on hold as we had no way of getting any money out of the ATM and since my money tree hasn't arrived from the Garden shop yet ... well .... you can just imagine the result.

Good thing I had some beans in the cupboard to eat :-))

Anyway ... that was a minor hiccup in what was a fantastic few weeks with the family.

Tim & Chris (John's terrors .. I mean ... lovely little boys) headed back home on Sunday morning after spending a week at our place. They seemed to enjoy their room that we had made in our house just for them and there didn't seem to be any arguments about who had the top bunk. I think the week gave Sarah a taste of what it would be like to have brothers and sisters ... at times I think she would love some siblings but at other times I think she was pretty glad she is an only child!!!

but in general all 3 kids got along great. Sarah is the bossy one and took on the role of 'mothering' the boys when John and I weren't saying anything. Tim is a typical video game nut and as long as the X-Box was playing Need for Speed, he seemed to be in his element. Chris is far more imaginative but can't sit still for more than 3 minutes (has the attention span of a house brick) so entertaining him was a little bit more difficult but fortunately there weren't too many times we were just sitting around doing nothing.

The Gumbuyah Park toboggan got a great workout from myself and John .. unfortunately the 2 boys were too young to go on it ... so we had their turns for them!!! what a cool ride that is. And for those that haven't been .. you don't even have to walk back up the hill ... a neat pulley system brings you back up to the top!!! Some lazy ass man invented that I reckon :-))

As for the house ... well it seemed to endure the myriad of guests we had over the 2 weeks however at times was a bit squishy. Christmas lunch we had 13 people .... we have a 6 seater table ... you do the maths.

So it was a good lesson to us that the patio area really does need to be finished by Christmas 2008!!

We picked up a lovely outdoor table (8 seater) in the post christmas sales ( half of it paid for dad as a wedding present) so now we just have to hurry up and get this jolly paving done.

As for the heat ... well I think I lost 5kgs in sweat alone and on Saturday I had had just about enough so we signed up for Evap Cooling. Installation is 3-4 weeks away however knowing Melbourne in February, it will get used quite a lot before the weather starts to cool down. And I guess we would have to put it in next year anyway so may as well do it before another price increase (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

The down side is that by being lovely and cool, I don't get a motorbike at the moment but I'm willing to sacrifice being cool on a bike to being cool in the house.

The front garden has been left to fend for itself and unfortunately I paid the price yesterday by having to dig up a billion weeds. I'll stick to what I was doing previously I think ... a little bit of gardening every second or third day is a hell of a lot easier than a whole day in the garden every few weeks!!!!

Anyway .... lots and lots happened that was pretty fun and exciting but I can't bore you all with the nitty gritty's of it all. Needless to say, we had a fantastic christmas and new year.

We are looking forward to the year ahead. My new job is going great and I'm busier now than ever. John also seems to be enjoying his job in Brisvegas (although he's not enjoying the weather ... who ever said Qld has the best weather should be shot). Fingers crossed he heads back to Melbourne at the end of March as his contract states. Wouldn't put money on it mind you but here's hoping!!!

I'm looking forward to updating you with lovely patio pics and a finished front yard soon.

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