Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ITS OFFICIAL...............

I have the bestest wife in the world,

I mean who else but the bestest wife in the world would put up with her husband (who she hadnt seen for 2 weeks) coming home from Brisbane, spending the night with her then buggering off for 3 whole days sailing, drinking and generally having a good time with is mates and not with her ?

Yet that is precisely what happened last weekend.

Dancin to a bit of Jimmy Buffet

Yup there I was, celebrating Australia day, feeling a little 'tired and emotional' after the passage race from williamstown down to Royal Geelong yacht club. that race we came 20th out of 51 boats in our division, but all up there was a little over 400 boats there for the weekend.

SOME of the yachts

The race the following day was going well until we buggered up, leaving the shipping channel and winding up 'on the bricks' (read run aground), needing yours truely to do his best 3 toed sloth impersonation hanging from the underside of the boom while the rest of the crew pushed the boom (the horizontal sticky bit that hits you in the head) out over the water, thus tilting the boat and lifting the keel off the bottom. But despite this we wound up 15th out of 31 starters, so we would have been a shoe in for a top 10 place if we hadnt made our 'navigational error'.

The 'A' Team in action (Im in the blue hat)

The final day was light and we all wanted to get home early, but we started the race and again did really well until the wind died completely. When we worked out that there wuld be no way we could finishe the race in the alloted time we dropped the sails, fired up the engine and went home.

To add to my wifes already legendary status I came home to a lamb roast followed by a few drinks and an early night. Certainly not the meal of 'hot tongue and cold shoulder' you would think I would be in for after such a weekend.

But Tueday morning as I got ready to go catch my plane back to Brisbane my wife came up to me, put her arms around me, kissed me softly and said 'it was nice to see you for the few hours that you were actually here, maybe next time we can build it up a bit until eventually we might even spend a whole day together..........'

Message received and understood

Shes such a treasure



Gavin & Vanessa said...

L U C K Y ..... B A S T A R D....


Captain Kybosh said...

Yup I surely am.

And dont be fooled by the shirts either, they may look like hawaiian shirts but they are actually a special computer designed print that renders the wearer invisible in any fruit salad.

Captn K