Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy birthday to me

(to be sung to the tune of Happy Birthday)

Happy Birthday to me
Squashed bananas and wee
Don't waste it just taste it
Happy Birthday to me
Yay for me ... 37 today.
If you haven't picked up the sarcasm in that last line entry I'll just let you know that it is there!!!
Feeling even crappier today than I did last Wednesday (meltdown of the year day) .... everything really sucks at the moment.
Anyway .... no point whining about it all the time hey ..... nobody gives a crap and it just makes me feel even worse.
So ... happy face on ...... going out for lunch today with the guys from work and a couple of friends are coming over tonight for dinner (a 'la Bridge Jones birthday dinner ... minus the blue soup).
Hip hip .... hooray


Missy said...

Ohhh...we're kind of like birthday buddies! Hehe Happy birthday ,bucko, and I hope you at least had a bearable day. Here's to hoping things are on the up. :)

Bernadette & Perry said...

Hey kiddo - you are not alone. Focus on the good stuff, and block out the crap.

Easy to say, but this is coming from someone who has been there.