Thursday, January 17, 2008

Too much work & getting old

What a crappy week. Good thing it hasn't been that hot because otherwise the heat would have sent me over the edge!!

I worked until 3:00am on Monday morning to get a tender in on time (due Monday morning) and since then haven't really been able to catch up on sleep. I hit the wall yesterday and was a mess - wanted to cry everytime somebody spoke to me, everybody and everything was annoying me and all I wanted to do was shoot everybody fair and square in the head.

So a combination of my tiredness, missing hubby, and my 37th birthday fast approaching all culminated in a minor meltdown yesterday. To top it off I got home and for no particular reason (as nothing has changed in the last 6 months),I got really really sh*tty that the backyard still looked like something out of a Stargate episode when all life has been wiped from a planet for 30,000 years. Huge holes ... some pieces of wood sticking out of the ground and big ugly nasty weeds.

The completely insane part of me then starts questioning all of the decisions we have made and the major one was should we have spent so much money on our honeymoon when we could have had all of the landscaping done with that money???

Well I answered my own question by looking at the pictures of the honeymoon .... even while the weeds grow at an alarming rate and the dogs are in fear of their lives due to the large craters they may fall into ..... if I had my time over again .. I wouldn't change a thing.

So today .. I'm much happier ... I've had a lot of sleep ... and some additional good news is that my man will be home at the end of February.

Life is good.


Bernadette & Perry said...

A - Sorry to hear that you are having a tough time of it, and that everything is a bit overwhelming, especially with J away. If it helps, you are alway welcome to come and visit our humble joint near Geelong, where Bernadette and I will bore you with endless pictures of our house, our land, and talk about motorbikes!

A friend of ours is selling his ZZR250 (named "Tiger") and it's an ideal learners bike. How do I know? He bought it from Bernadette a couple of years ago. We can introduce you.... while the cat's away...

It's funny how as though you feel like you know people you have never met! Keep your chin up, and look at the end game. You'll get there.

grumpy santa said...

(Best imitation of the soup nazi)

NO BIKE FOR YOU.... not just yet anyways.

I too have always liked the ZZR 250 BUT, one of the criteria is that the bike be inexpensive to fix IF you drop it. Last time I looked, you were looking at $1500 - $2000 a side for just 1 side of a fairing for one !!!

Yes virginia you will get a motorcycle, but it will be 4 stroke, easy to ride and easy to fix

yours in grumpiness

Grumpy santa

Captain Kybosh said...

Because it is a new year, Grumpy Santa has put away his santa suit for the year ane hence forth will be known as .....


Anonymous said...

Dear grumpy santa. Get nicked. Don't you know that girls like bikes with full fairings? Anyway, you're not here, and it's easier to seek forgiveness than to ask permission.

Hugs and Kisses from the Reality Goblin.