Monday, July 02, 2007

The gardening bug has bitten

While our front yard will not win any awards, we are pleased with our efforts so far and can definitely picture how it's going to look.

The money tree has run out this week so I was unable to get the pebbles to finish off the path (probably a good thing anyway as the plumbing association is going to check the depth of the water pipes as we believe they are way to high up).

I have started to dig up the garden bed under the windows and have added gypsum and mushroom compost to get the soil ready. Hopefully in a couple of weeks (ie. after pay day) this area will look better.

There is a small 'black' strip down the left of the pathway .. that is a compost/gypsum bed at the moment and in a few weeks will add some topsoil and plant some mondo grass down that side.

Still wondering what to put in the black pots by the front door ... you can see that they are a bit wonky!! i need to level out the ground there a bit. Don't want to muck around too much in that area as that is where John will make a little deck/step type thing from the front door to the top of the pavers.

Anyway ... it's starting to come together. Would love a driveway but ... want to get married more!!!

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Missy said...

Cool bananas! Hey where's your letterbox from? That looks cool. And maybe with some modifications might look like what I was envisioning ours to look like.

Don't you feel you're doing one big after another? I am! And i'm not even getting married. Hehe Hope all is going well!