Monday, April 28, 2008

1 job finished ... turns into 3 still to do

Why is it that when one thing gets done, it starts a chain of follow up jobs that need to be completed to make it all look the way you want!!

We were able to get the second step to the front done over the weekend. Our friendly neighbour, Dave the deck builder, took time out of his busy schedule to get it done for us.

We left the original deck too long before we oiled it so now we are going to have to wait a few months for the new wood to age and then we will oil it so it looks the same (that's the plan anyway).

Now that this has been finished I can also pull up the original paving and get it done properly. I'm going to put large format pavers (same as the ones out the back) and get rid of the pebbles. It annoys me to have the bark fall into the pebbles all the time and it never looks neat.

Also need to re-plant the cordyline in the black pot.

Once this is all done ... the path to the front door will be done.

Just in time for our 12 month inspection!!

Boy this stuff takes a long time.

More exciting however ... should only be 10 days or so away before the X-Box couch arrives. You know who is never going to move out of the bedroom every Sunday don't you!!!


vanderlay said...

and dont forget, to truly enjoy that xbox360 couch, a nice new copy of GTA4 would make it fully perfect and ensure you get full value for money on the couch..........

HOUSE-TO-BE said...

Entry looks GREAT!!! Love the wood, think we are going to do that for our Alfresco. Hope you get stuck into the other 3 jobs before the couch arrives! hehehe You'll deserve a good Sunday rest then ;-) Does it feel like you've been in for 12 months already?

The tales of J&A said...

yeah we are really happy with the entry. will be great when the wood matches and when the path has been re-done!!

doesn't feel like 12 months at all. i still LOVE coming home to our house and every now and then i just stand at the front door and look down to the back of the house (our house is just one rectangle basically) and still love what we have done.

hanging out for some new furniture pieces of course but that will come with time.

hitting the arty shops this weekend and going to try to do a couple more canvasses for the entry. it's a bit bare in there at the moment.

vanders-i don't need you to encourage him!!! :-)))

marcuso said...

Entry looks fantastic. I've been following this blog and it's good to see it kept up to date with the outside improvements. Great work!