Monday, April 07, 2008

Aaaaah ... progress

God bless Big Kev and his catch phrase 'I'm excited' .... I've decided to use it as the backyard eventually starts to look like a workman's area.

Dad came down yesterday and helped with the retaining walls and John busily continued to dig out the trench for the drainage. You will see by one of the photos that the drainage stuff has been installed ... next weekend we will do the remaining length of the backyard.

Our natural weed garden is looking superb in the photos.

I've also put a photo up to show how well our wobbly hedge is doing. You'll see that the path isn't finished but we are waiting to complete the patio area first before finishing that off. Don't want to be driving the dingo over new pavers and cracking them.

It was a pretty exciting day yesterday ... although it still looks like a disaster zone out there, work is happening and over the next 4-6 weeks, we'll see some huge improvements.

I'm excited!!!!


HOUSE-TO-BE said...

Big job isn't it - the backyard. Steve will have his hands full when we move in although on the planting side of things we are keeping it pretty simple in the back.

I was in your Estate last weekend, found myself there on the way from Lyndhurst to Cranbourne or Pakenham.....I went everywhere! Nice spot.

Front looks great. What type of hedge did you use. I'm thinking of English or Dutch Box. Heaps on ebay rather cheap......

Anonymous said...

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