Friday, April 11, 2008

A mans cave

J here,
I am very excited at the moment because this sunday we are going shopping for 'the xbox couch'

This piece of furniture will be placed at the end of the bed and will enable me to play the xbox 360 on our 42" plasma without sitting on the bed and disrupting the slightly OCD yet tasteful arrangement of pillows, cushions and soft toys thereon.

I call this collection of bits and pieces 'the bed shit'. It is removed of an evening and replaced by A every morning with nanometer precision, but I really cant complain, we have very few 'absolutes' in our relationship ie 'you will absolutely NOT do this' and 'you will absolutely NOT do that', but 'you will absolutely NOT sit on the bed while the bed shit is in place' is one of them.

Experience has taught me fellas that you dont mess with this sort of stuff, you work with it and besides which, you never know when those Home Beautiful judges are going to launch a home invasion and inspect the place, so its best to be prepared :)

While I am after the pure functionality of a couch, A will be coming along with me to ensure that I dont buy anything that is too big, too small, too high backed, the wrong colour, wrong style, or worst of all, something that buggers up the feung shui of the room.

All the effort involved in the purchase will pay off as the couch will go to form part of 'the cave', a 2 year plan which includes a bar fridge and slot in the door through which A will be able to push my meals when Im having a little 'cave time'.

To quote the movie The Castle

"hours of serenity........"


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HOUSE-TO-BE said...

You two are hilarious! Hope you have fun shopping for that couch......hmmm hope it works well with both of you going together. I've been browsing for some new couches for later in the year. Have picked one for the Home Theatre that is soooo comfortable, you just sink into the cushions. It's at H/Norman and is called Bass. Probably too big for your room but so nice.

Will look forward to the update....!