Monday, April 21, 2008

A weekend of activity

While I'm a big fan of the lazy weekend, I'm also becoming a huge fan of weekends that are full of activity and productivity. The last 2 days can be counted in the latter category.

Bright and early Saturday morning, Dad and Damian showed up to box up the second garden bed ready for the concrete to be delivered at 10:30am. I love watching builders work. It's amazing what they achieve and it's confirmed that my dad is an absolute superstar. Bear in mind that the boxing up will be removed next week, some of the things dad did to make sure it was all perfect was amazing. His eye for detail is second to none and for an old fella, I reckon he still puts the young guys to shame.

Sunday we got up early again and oiled the deck (finally). It came up really lovely and I will do the second coat this afternoon. We also had a friend come down and pull through the cabling for the security system and he will finish that off on Thursday. So little things around the place are starting to get done which is great.

So all in all ... a very productive weekend. The backyard especially is starting to take shape. Although from the photos it still looks like a war zone, I think that is a very faint light I can see in the distance.

By the way ... the countdown is on for the x-box couch. Apparently about 35 days to go.

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HOUSE-TO-BE said...

Hi Guys, will look really nice when done. You must post a photo of the deck - I love decks......wood so much nicer than pavers on that area I think. Are you going to render the concrete around garden beds?
Please to hear things are all coming together. Such a big job isn't it!!!