Tuesday, April 01, 2008

First winter flower and pavers are chosen

They say that spring bulbs flowering are one of the first signs of spring ... so based on that theory I'm going with the phrase 'the first camellia flower is the first sign of winter'.

I was thrilled to see my little camellia bush loaded with buds and that one of them has actually flowered!! Go the Seasol!!

Also doing well is my lily .. which unfortunately is now ending it's life but I'm hoping it pops up again in the spring.

Today was a most successful day when it comes to choosing pavers. I don't know how many show rooms and paving display places I have visited but today I went down to Mornington and stopped at a place just in the hope that they had something I would like.

Bingo .. paver chosen. It's a 500 x 500 and the colour is so close to the gutters that you would think it has been made for our area. It has a lovely grain through it (very subtle) that you can't see in the picture but it makes it just gives it a bit of a feature.

The dogs had a bit of a sniff and then decided they would like to sit on it ... you can see the paw print from the mud!!!


Anonymous said...

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HOUSE-TO-BE said...

Nice paver! Photo shows some kind of texture.....lol about the dogs, maybe be better to sit on that the dirt!?

Love the holiday photos. Hard to think of swimming at the moment. We've had our fire on tonight!

Camellia is beautiful, will be nice when they are all out. I noticed today that our big camellia is full of buds. Lovely.

Is John home permanently now?

HOUSE-TO-BE said...

can you block that galmaran person? He is popping up everywhere, bloody spam......

Anonymous said...

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