Friday, November 28, 2008

007 Movie review

So firstly, we get stuck in the storm yesterday afternoon heading to the cinemas. Fortunately I had bought my wet weather pants a couple of weeks earlier so I was completely dry when I got there .... poor Scarlett copped a thrashing by the weather.

Note to pant manufacturers ... when you add an 'x' to the size, it doesn't just mean that the person is getting taller!!!!

So we arrive ... pick up our tickets and head into Gold Class lounge. Greeted by a lovely young lass who gives us a table and the menu.

They had a deal .. 3 course for $40 so it actually worked out cheaper to do that because 2 courses was only just under that by a dollar or so. There was the first mistake ... I was so full at the end of the movie I could barely move. Felt like I'd already eaten christmas lunch!!!

Anyway ... I'm digressing.

Movie starts (mind you we didn't know it was the movie, thought it was a trailer).

Now I'm not going to give anything away other than this:

1. The man is so completely sexy it's ridiculous
2. One major flaw of the movie is that he only takes his shirt off once
3. The writers seem to be moving away from the typical Bond traits (ie. bombs in the wheel arches of the car, a hat that turns into a grenade .. you know, all that sort of stuff).

Personally I didn't think it was as good as Casino Royale, but it was still a good flick. Loads of action and the bad guys seem to be getting uglier and creepier so that's all good.

So in my very humble opinion ... if you love action films, go and see it. If you love the traditional Bond movies, then you may be a little disappointed.

Still .... beats 2 hours of laying pavers. Oh that's right ... we have none to lay.



House-To-Be said...

hahaha, that last comment has me laughing out loud. I'm guaranteed to have a chuckle every morning with your blog - thanks ;-)

Good you stayed dry, glad you enjoyed all the food. I really liked Casino Royale, thought it was a great movie and will go and see QOS. Don't really like the other 007's probably won't be disappointed.

Enjoy your weekend :-)

Bernadette and Perry said...

Went and saw it ourselves (Gold Class) on Wednesday night. Enjoyed it thoroughly - definitely a big screen movie.

Anonymous said...

no pavers huh..... ???

hahaha bleeding ha, your so funny :)