Monday, November 17, 2008

The BBQ works ... and 2009 has come very early

As J posted last week, we were held the inaugural BBQ for some of our friends on Thursday night. Yes that's right ... the night the storms were due in Melbourne.

We're not too bright really.

I forgot to take some pics just before people arrived - ie. when the cushions were on the chairs, candles lit etc etc. so I've posted the 'pre' photos. You get the idea anyway.

Before it rained, it was very very pleasant being outside. We had whacked down the crushed rock with the machine thing from Bunnings so although the top layer of stones was loose, you didn't sink into the ground or anything. Feels quite solid. Dad reckons it is good for us to walk on it and let it settle for a few weeks anyway to give it a really good base for the pavers.

J did a great job at his very first BBQ, only burning a couple of rissoles (which we decided to use as hockey pucs the next day).

When the rain hit everybody did a great job at picking everything up and bringing it inside in record time. Only wish I had the camera handy when J was outside in the rain, in his sailing jacket cooking the meat while we were inside enjoying lots of laughs and wine, champers and beer. Was a very funny sight.

Now you may be wondering what the title of my post means .. '2009 has come very early'. It's come very early for the man of the house ....... see below. Delivery is hopefully on Friday.


House-To-Be said...

Wow! Backyard looks great! Congratulations, you both (and Dad) have done a great job getting it looking like that. When are the pavers going down? You bought them awhile ago yes? No?

Nice bike ya J is very happy about that. So... some long bike rides on the agenda over summer?

Bernadette and Perry said...

Wow! Gobsmacked! How nice is your garden looking! How nice is that bike!

I think I need to go and have a lie down.

This means, or course, a ride down our way so we can catch up....

The tales of J&A said...

T - Pavers going down was supposed to be before christmas. Trust me, if we had already bought them they would be down!!!! Unfortunately now a lovely new ZX14 has taken precedence so I don't anticipate any pavers in 2008. Somebody did suggest that instead of christmas presents, we ask our family to buy 1 square metre of paving each, which they could then engrave their name into (kind of like a donation patio). We figured that the profanity may offend so that wouldn't be a good idea, lol.

We are doing a 10 day ride around Tassie from the 1 Jan so that will be great ... and beyond that, whenever the weather is nice and Sarah isn't with us, we'll be getting on the bikes!!

B&P - I thought that over the weekend that we will come down and see you guys to show off the new beast. Once we can determine a suitable day and it all fits we'll lock it in. Pretty nice looking bike isn't it (although I keep saying that we can't have BBQs on the bike!!!!) :-))

Carolyn Childs said...

Hi J&A,

Thought I'd come to your blog to check out the bathroom features tiles you have like H2B - but I couldn't find them. Are you sure you got them too ??

Love your blog - your backyard looks better than a TV Makeover !! Absolutely stunning ! I can imagine you'll spend alot of time out there ! You deserve to relax after all that hard work ! CC