Monday, November 24, 2008

'Boral' has arrived

Well she's here. John picked up his new love on Friday afternoon and went up to the Dandenongs with my dad to celebrate.

Unfortunately the weather here in Melbourne on Friday night/Saturday was somewhat similar to a Hollywood verison of really bad weather, so he couldn't get back on and ride her until yesterday.

We went out for breakfast, picked up Dad and headed to Marysville, through the Spur and back home again.

John on his baby

The bikes at Marysville

The 3 bikes - Dads (BMW), Scarlett and John's beast

So in keeping with tradition, John decided that he should name the bike.
My suggestion was Boral or Austral Bricks so that it continually reminds him that everyday he rides what should be, my pavers!!!!


Bernadette and Perry said...


Pavers are over rated...

House-To-Be said...

hehe love Perry's comment :-)

Congrats to John, he must have been soooooo excited on Friday. Have to admit I was thinking of him over the weekend ;-)

Yep weather was pretty crap over the weekend, good that it held off enough for your lovely ride to Marysville.

Boral? Austral? Actually Austral doesn't sound too bad but I really don't think he needs a bike name to remind him, I think you'll do a good enough job of that :-)

The tales of J&A said...

lol, that's too true T. I have backed off on the smart alec comments about the pavers (ever so slightly) as I have been promised them still by christmas. He has even talked to my dad about which days they can do the paving.

So, it seems that he may come through with his promise ... albeit with a little detour first!!