Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A post for Carolyn

Boy was it hard finding a pic of our bathroom!! Had to go WAAAAAAY back to when the house was first being built. This pic was taken while the house was still being built which is why you can see writing on the glass!!

On another unrelated house point, the paver bike is being collected today. Pics to follow tomorrow no doubt :-)


House-To-Be said...
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House-To-Be said...

oh nice! You are very kind to re-post that for CC :-) Tiles for CC, coffee tables for me. Very accommodating blogger :-)

As for the bike/pavers.....hmmm I thought you had the pavers but were waiting till all the other stuff had been done before laying them. Will John ever live it down hehehe, hope you get a turn on it!

Carolyn Childs said...

You're a classic !!!
A post just for me !!! I nearly fell over when I saw that !
And what a beautiful shower it is !!

House-To-Be said...

Now we've both had a post especially for us CC :-)