Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sorry husband ... the public have a right to know

Dear friends, I have been banned from posting this particular post today ... however ... I'm going to do it anyway because it still makes me laugh (some 14 or so hours later).

So J tells me that we need to leave work early on Tuesday so that he can collect his bike. No problems. Discussions about how he would need to drop me off to work in the morning took precedence over the usual discussions such as "what do you want for lunch today", "can you please pick up your shoes" and "oh my god, that stinks .. what the hell have you been eating".

We decided that Scarlett wouldn't be able to hold two tubs of lard such as ourselves, so the only reasonable option was for me to ride the Honda back home again once he'd collected the ZX. Never mind that the poor car sits in the driveway day after day, feeling lonely and left out.

Tuesday arrives and throughout the day numerous emails and phone calls end with 'I'm so excited' and 'T-x hours to go before I collect my bike'.

J arrives at work to collect me ... off we go.

Arrive at the shop (that coincidentally doesn't look anything like a landscaping shop with pavers), sign some pieces of paper, have a chat to Steve (the bike guy) and he says "OK mate, thanks for that ... I'll send the paperwork in tonight".

There is a brief silence ............... awkward ................... and J asks "so .....can I have my bike".

Now at this point ..... J's face replicates the happiness of the face below:

Steve then says "nah mate .. we have to wait until the finance company sends the settlement certificate through. You should have your bike by the weekend though".

Cue face below:

I don't think I've laughed so much in a long time. Nothing like a good belly laugh to finish the day off.


House-To-Be said...

aaaarrrhahhahahahahahha! Great pics, perfect :-)

oh......poor John :-(

Carolyn Childs said...

Oh NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
That's terrible !!!!!

I feel like I've just witnessed a child having their favourite toy taken out of their hands !

Love the pictures though !
A few more sleeps to go !

Bernadette and Perry said...

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. I think both are in order, but at time like this a bloke has to stick with his brothers.

Actually John, I hope you had some strong words to say to Mr. Bike Shop...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support Brother Perry. Yup us blokes have to stick together. I have expressed my disappointment to the bike shop, but it was nothing compareed to my embarrasment the next day when I turn up with no new bike.

.... Im now the office laughing stock....

Speaking of Laughing, Andy was still laughing on the way home to the point where I had to turn off the intercom. It was either that or kick her off the back of the bike and making her walk home.

Back to the bike, the bike shop should be getting a fax of settlement today, Im hoping to pick it up tomorrow...


House-To-Be said...

Good luck for tomorrow John :-)

House-To-Be said...

so......did he get the bike? I was thinking of you both yesterday :-)