Sunday, April 29, 2007

Is it wrong to be this happy about a building?

After having a lazy breakfast with my best friend yesterday morning, we headed down to the house to see what had been done. A quick detour to pay the money owed for the curtains to be made and we arrived at the house to see a Ute parked in our garage.

Min agreed that the colour of the portico wasn't right (groan) so I braced myself for the fact that other things may look crappy to other people.

Finding the tiler in the bathroom and having a bit of a chat we set about checking on the progress.

Splashback has been put in the kitchen (I absolutely love it) and our little Italian tiler had been doing a super job on the tiles. In his broken English I got out of him that he was finishing up on Sunday as he has another job to start.

The pics above are of the house yesterday .. and today (while I'm here at work) I thought I'd update with yesterday's pics .. but will head down this afternoon to see if he has indeed finished.

I absolutely love the tiles and the kitchen looks fantastic, so my disappointment of the portico has been overshadowed by these latest instalments. I would have loved to hang around but obviously it would have bored Min to tears.

Rang John (who is in Tassie) to let him know how fantastic it is all looking.

We also tested out the downlights and they look great too.
Update will follow this evening!!

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