Thursday, April 26, 2007

Anybody seen the tiler??

After having a wonderful sleep in yesterday, we got up and ready to go out for breakfast at our regular cafe (tradition for day's off) and then head to the house.

First disappointment ... the cafe was closed! Yes I know it was ANZAC Day however this woman opens every day except Christmas so we were very surprised that she wasn't open. So I cooked Johnno some scrambled eggs and I had french toast (much cheaper than going out mind you) and then took a drive to the house.

Second disappointment ... looked through the ensuite window hoping to see the tiles laid. Nothin'.

The car didn't start when we went to leave (long story) so we got one of our friendly neighbours to give us a jump start. While we were chatting some tradies arrived at next door's house ... so we got them to open up our place so I could take a peek.

While I was very disappointed that the tiler hadn't been, there has been work done since Saturday.

- door handles on all doors and wardrobes
- door stops put on
- plumbing above bathroom sinks have been put in (we have wall taps not taps that are attached to the sink)
- corner bits on the house finished off

The corner bits (no idea what they are called) have been put on around the dining area (will update with photo later in the week). Finishes off this area nicely.

So I imagine that the tiler won't start until next week now. Little bit disappointed but I guess there was some work done so it's not so bad.

We figure that the only stuff left to do is:

- electricals
- tiles
- ducts for ducted heating
- cleaning

Bring on the 17th May I say!!!!

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