Friday, April 13, 2007

Our first major disappointment

Knew it was too good to be true!! Sarah and I ventured to the house on Wednesday afternoon to check the progress of the painters.

First thing I noticed was that the gutters and front windows had been painted - yippee!! Then I noticed our front door so I started to get really excited ... just waiting to see what was happening on the inside.

The paint fumes almost knock you over as you walk in ... I hope that doesn't take too long to go away! But anyway, it takes on a whole new look when you don't have patches all over the wall.

We almost needed sunglasses from the starkness of the white walls!!! Obviously just done undercoat in this area :-). As you venture into the kitchen and family area however it had been painted in our wall colour - Chalkdust. It's a lovely soft creamy colour and should hopefully (she says fingers crossed) look good against the feature walls and the flooring.

Walked right through every room (as we always do) and inspected every nook and cranny.

One of the things we need to talk to Peter about however is one of the kitchen doors. Not sure if it's my eyes deceiving me but one of the doors looks like a different colour to the rest of them. Will get him to check that once the painters have left, just in case my age is playing tricks on me.

So now I get to the disappointing bit .... big lesson to be learned when signing off on your final plans. ALWAYS get an understanding of every type of paint, effects or anything else you have inside or outside of your house.

Our plans said that the front portico would be 'bagged and painted'. Clearly I am completely ignorant on this issue. I figured that was just a way of saying 'rendered'. No ... very much NO.

Bagged and painted is exactly that apparently .. they get a heshen bag and just rub a thin layer of 'whatever' over the bricks, then they just paint over it. It gives the portico a rough look, rather than that really nice smooth rendered look.

Anyway - our fault for not knowing what this was. We are going to wait until it's painted and see if it makes a difference. If it's really awful I guess we'll just get a tradie in at some point to render it properly. Doubt it will be this year though because 'money's too tight to mention'!!

Well ... it's a minor disappointment in the scheme of things. I'm sure we're in for a few more disappointments but if we can minimise them, I guess that's the key.

It's all good other than that however. We've had a great week with Sarah (school holidays) and we will get a handover date next week.

Wedding plans are progressing well (can't believe what a girl I'm becoming) and John still insists that we have a pirate theme on the boat - he's sure he can get puffy shirts for all the guests!!!!

Until next time :-)

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Missy said...

Ugh! That's what annoys me about these things. They tell you to look at everything with a fine toothed comb. But when you have a million things running around in your head you certainly will miss something. There is no possible way you can pick everything up especially if you are building your first house.

We made a few mistakes already - didn't realise that the heating wasn't going to be able to have an add-on cooling that can cool the whole house. And we can't upgrade the heating for many reasons. We didn't realise that our garage was going to be just a single brick construction. Had I known I would've opted for a wood framed garage so that It would have that nice plaster lined walls inside rather than just looking at bricks.

The actual annoying thing about it is that the builder just let it slide letting you pick up the slack rather than them pointing it out. You would think they'd know 'coz they've done it fifty million times before.

Anyway, our contract states that our facade will be 'rendered' too. I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up as the actual explanation for 'bagged and painted'.

Remember, it's the bigger picture. You are moving in soon. Am having the worst week so my Bf just said to keep smiling. I suggest you do the same. You are moving in soon and your wedding is coming up. Excitement all around!