Thursday, April 19, 2007

Meetings with no outcome

I hate meetings with no outcome. I had 2 yesterday and both times I have reached the end of the meeting and thought to myself 'well that's an hour of my life I'll never get back'.

So at about 2:30 I decided that it was such a beautiful day, I'll take a drive down to the house to see if anybody is working.

Nup, nobody. Although a tradie has been in to waterproof the shower areas in the bathroom and ensuite. Some thick blue/grey type stuff.

They have now fixed the front door so we'll ask Peter for a key. How else are we going to get in and take photos!!! I'm told we have got buckleys chance of him giving us a key but you can only ask I guess.

I did notice a few places in the paintwork (external) that needs fixing so I'll start making a list of stuff now so that the final inspection isn't so long and tedious.

Peering through the windows I did notice that the carpenters have removed the doors in the kitchen and the laundry that were odd colours so hopefully that will all look the same now.

Still haven't heard from Peter with a move in date but fingers crossed we will hear very soon.

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