Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Peter the Great

All hail Peter the Great.

This morning we met Peter (Supervisor extroadinaire) on site to run through any problems/issues etc. Since I was there on Saturday, all of the skirtings have been laid and all of the shelving in the cupboards have been done. It really does finish it off nicely having the skirtings.

True to form, the painting has been bought forward and it looks like the painter will start on Thursday, if not tomorrow. Not sure if they will work through Easter but Peter said not to be surprised if they do.

Next week is an awesomely exciting week as he will be ringing us to give us a move in date!! He thinks it will be mid May (about 6 weeks away) but will know more next week.

Very very VERY exciting.


Bernadette & Perry said...

so, if the hand over date is mid May, how much earlier is that than the schedule?

Anonymous said...

Such a shame you didnt think ahead to get frosting on your ensuite window now all your 'neighbours' can perve while u're showering...... maybe not a good thing hey

Anonymous said...

Hi, i try to read your blog often to see the progress, its really awesome. We too are building our home as well and its so true, the excitement is there everytime you goto the street you're just wondering what the builders are doing next. Your house is looking wonderful so far :)

And so it begins ... said...

Anonymous No. 1 ... re frosting on our ensuite window.. please stop breaking into our house, writing messages and causing damage. Each time you do it is reported to the police.

Anonymous said...

Best I keep the photo of John breaking in hey Andy. Its posted right on this website. There has been no breaking in. Your so called superhero tradesmen have left doors unlocked and 'WE' have actually locked the door for you!! And i dont actually recall causing any damage neither. Thanx for the timber too