Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On the home stretch

OK - it's officially getting scary. It's the 17th April and this time next month we should be really close to moving in. I lost interest in doing any packing over the weekend and every time I go into the garage I get one of those awful feelings that it's going to be a really crappy job to pack everything up.
Anyway ... painter has finished. There were some bits that haven't been done (such as just above laundry cupboard and in the shower areas, but I guess as there will be tiles there, he doesn't need to paint!!
I'm really happy with the interior colour of the walls, however John wasn't as happy. He would have liked something a little more 'yellow/creamy' but I think once the feature walls are done and we have our furniture in there, he may be a little happier about it. Here's hoping :-)
Not even going to discuss the disasterous portico colour. I figure if I don't worry about it too much, I'll eventually get used to it until we can do something about it. I'll make it a priority however to get it re-done by Christmas. Want to get rid of the awful bagged & painted look and change the colour. Maybe by Christmas I'll have an idea about what the right colour is!!
Anyway ... I'm told that I shouldn't be so annoyed about it and just be happy that I'm pleased with everything else.
We spoke with Peter again yesterday and I actually started to feel really bad that we speak to him so much. He keeps saying that it's OK, ring him as much as we want, but it just doesn't feel right. Would be a different story if ours was the only house he is supervising, but he has about 18 others so imagine if every owner rang him as much as we did!!! Poor bloke.
Then again ... he's probably paid a crap load more than me so why shouldn't we bother him!!!
Next update will hopefully be photos of the tiles. Now if you think I was worried about the roof tile colour, I'm almost having heart failure worrying about what the tiles are going to look like. Everything that I can possibly cross is crossed and I am just hoping like hell that what we have chosen and how we have laid them out is going to look OK.
So until then ... farewell friends and we shall meet again in Cyberspace soon.


Missy said...


Nice to see pics of the internal. It's looking great.

I don't think that your portico render is that bad at all. But I understand your concern - you were probably hoping for more of a contrast because the colour is a bit light. So, if you do change to a different colour (not sure what) but I think anything deeper/darker in hue would really look awesome.

By the way, what colour is that render?

Anonymous said...

Looking great guys! How exciting!


Anonymous said...

IMHO I think the portico colour looks AOK,especially from the wide angle photo.Don't forget plants greenery and blinds blend it all out.

Bernadette & Perry said...

Wow. I'm so jealous. We don't even have a title for our land yet.

Looking good! Don't sweat over the rendering colour - it doesn't look that bad!

And so it begins ... said...

Thanks guys ... appreciate your support on the portico colour :-)). I think the photos make it look better than what it actually is! You're right Grime ... once a few others things get in front of it (other than the port-a-loo) it may not be as bad.

The colour is Brown Topaz. Missy you're right ... it is too light to what I was expecting. Even if it was the same colour as the roof it would have been better.

Thanks again :-))