Friday, July 06, 2007

44 days ....


Correction ................ before WE get married :-))

I know that this isn't a house related blog but this afternoon has been about googling plants and finalise wedding arrangements. Wedding arrangements have won out!!

On a more housey front however, this weekend we will be starting the horrible job of digging an 18m drain ready to put some pipe and bits and pieces so that there are no more pools of water for the puppies to drown in!!

we have started the planning of the backyard which is pretty exciting .. now it's just the hard work of getting in and doing it!!

And because it's so cold here in Melbourne, I thought I'd warm everybody up by showing the location of where we are getting married (in 44 days ....) :-))

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uncle ant said...

Hello, Niiiiiiccceeee!!!! Any spare room in your suitcase to smuggle us along? ;-)
Have fun, it looks like the perfect place for a honeymoon.
We went to Plantation Island Fiji for ours (Oct 93)