Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who needs Jamie??

Who needs Jamie Durie?? (well, other than for his biceps). I've been playing around with a garden design for the front and backyard. You'll see from my previous post that the front yard has started (hopefully it looks a little bit like the drawing!!)

The mini swimming pools we have in the backyard at the moment will have to dry out before we can make a start but I figure that if we have a plan before we start, it should make life a whole lot easier!!

I reckon the puppies are going to love running on the grass, ruining all my plants!!! :-))

Note; drawing not even remotely to scale!!


uncle ant said...

Hi, nice work on the garden design. Maybe you both could revive backyard blitz and come and do all the gardens for the bloggers out there. Or maybe we coule team up, as I get called Don Burke by a lady at work - but I don't have the beard or daggy jumpers! :-)

What software did you use to create this, I wouldn't mind having a go myself.



Missy said...

Looks good. And as Tony said, maybe you could do other people's. Like mine? Hehe

The tales of J&A said...

Mmmmm ... let me think about that for a nanno second .... NO WAY!!! lol

Although pay me what Jamie was getting paid and with all his resources I'd be happy to!!

Have a great weekend .... we are moving 3 cubic metres of road base. Woo hoo!!!