Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A garden bed, some roses and a wobbly hedge


uncle ant said...

Hi J & A,
The landscaping and gardening is the fun stuff. It is looking good, don't worry about the wobbly line. When it grows you will be able to trim it into a straight line.

Keep up the good work, are you going ahead with your driveway now?

BTW you are a better blogger than me, you've got photo's :-)

Rel said...

It's looking great !!! You guys are so organised !

Thankfully our front garden gets done by the developer (although I am thinking it may not be too flash so will prolly have to change a few things)

I can only imagine how bad the mud will be after the weather we have had today, lol.....

Matt Walker said...

Love the colours in the garden ... you are a creative thing aren't you.... lol.

The statue in the garden near the letter box wont last long.... is anyone running a book on this yet?

Looks good!