Monday, July 16, 2007

The Gardening Guru

ok .. so I'm no gardening guru but I'm definitely loving this idea of having a garden to play with.

Made some great progress on Saturday while John was away finding his wedding outfit (duly noted that he did not return with a puffy shirt and an eye patch!!). I'll post photos when I can work out how to get them from the camera to here but it's starting to look really pretty in the front.

Next weekend we are going to complete the next pathway and I'll hopefully do the other garden bed .. then it's just getting the dirt ready for the grass and the garden bed along the side of the boundary and we are all done!

Fingers and toes are crossed that the plants grow now!!! After I had planted my roses I was told that they will not grow there as it is too windy, but, I'm going to leave them there and see how they go.

Planting the hedge was a pain in the a*s ... 40 tiny little plants that will take an eternity to grow!! The line that I have planted them in is a bit wobbly when you look at it down the side, but I'm hoping that when they grow you don't notice it so much :-))


Missy said...

See, this is why I don't like gardening. You plan, you research then you do the work. For what? You still have to wait until they grow! And then, if they don't grow they die. Then you're just back at square one.

It's a vicious cirlce!

The tales of J&A said...

Yeah I know ... that's why I'm a fan of fake grass and fake plants!!!

Now to top it off, it is hailing and can you believe I'm actually concerned about my little plants coping with the cold!! What the hell is wrong with me??!!!!