Monday, July 09, 2007

Always remember to plan!!!

OK - so normally I am pretty organised, have a plan in place before I commence anything and do a lot of research before purchasing stuff (from previously living with a 'research king' for 10 years :-)).

As you know ... we were sick of the mud so made a little path to the front door. Decided on black polished pebbles in between the pavers etc etc. On the weekend we started to dig out the next stage of the path (that will run across the front of the house and around to the gate at the side).

Big mistake .. HUGE ... getting these black pebbles that is. It's going to cost around $800 just in pebbles if we continue with these black ones.

So ... plan B.

I'm going to pick up all the black pebbles that are currently in the path (yep ... that's going to be a great job) ... and we will use them out the back for the feature that is going to go around the paving area. Once we've dug out the path completely at the front we'll have to go for something a little more budget conscious. Not sure what yet. Maybe those browny coloured river pebbles?? Will start investigating that next weekend.

After learning the hard way yesterday we watched Backyard Blitz (why was this show cancelled?? I watched it for years when I had no garden to tend to .. now that I need some ideas the blasted thing isn't on anymore!!!). Anyway .... BB stated last night "it's important to plan ahead ... don't just do a bit .. then decide to do a bit more'. Yeah OK, maybe they saw what we were doing!!!!

Anyway ... we made fairly good progress yesterday. Saturday it was raining virtually
all day so nothing got done. Just had a very lazy day indoors.

41 days to the wedding!!!


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Rel said...

I don't envy you having to pick up all those pebbles !!!

have you thought of concreting the pavers in and setting pebbles in the top ? That way you won't have loose pebbles every where, or something like Lilydale toppings that you can compact......

We had lose pebbles around pavers in our old place and they were forever turning up in very strange places, lol.....

I am soooooo not looking forward to landscaping, lol.

Not long to go til the wedding now !