Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Aaah stuff it .. it's only money!

Well ... all is not lost! We've come to the conclusion that it's only money and you can't take it with you when you go, so it looks like the driveway might be getting done!! Woo hoo.

Actually, I won't woo hoo too quickly just in case it doesn't happen. John's job is about to come to and end which means he has to look for something else (being a contractor and all). Very bad timing due to upcoming nuptials and I am just hoping that he doesn't head interstate for work. This is a strong possibility as there is loads of work for him in Queensland at much better rates than here in Melbourne. Anyway .. cross your fingers in the hope that he doesn't go away again! Imagine coming back from my honeymoon with no husband!!!!!!!!! One that I hadn't killed anyway :-))

It was a beautiful day in Melbourne today and I was working from home (yeah right .. 'working' from home) so I took the puppies out for a walk in the sunshine. Had to drop off some gardening tools to Sarah so she could help out in their garden and I was amazed to see how everybody's front yards are changing. Some people have really put effort (and money) into their front landscaping and they look fantastic. Even those that have simple front gardens look fantastic so it bummed me out a bit that it's going to be at least 2 months before ours is looking decent. Good thing we are at the end of the street I guess!!! The plus side is that we get to see what plants do well in the area and what plants don't (although I've pretty much decided what I want .. I can always be persuaded to do something different!!).

The estate is looking really busy though with more and more houses popping up every day. It really is a lovely place to live.


39 days to the wedding

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Bernadette & Perry said...

Wow! You guys are really on a big spending year. New house, and a wedding!

Check around before you do the driveway - someone may be planning on getting you one for a wedding present!