Friday, March 07, 2008

Happy Friday

I've learnt the secret of getting over a bad day .... champagne.

Does wonders for your soul :-)

Happy Friday dear friends



house-to-be said...

Hi Andy, I've just been sitting here this afternoon reading your site from start to finish. I feel like i know you! Can you tell me what estate you built in? We are currently looking at building with PD but am undecided on Estates. I think you did a great job with your colour selection, I actually like the bagged look and colour of your portico. Has it made a difference having the driveway and front gardens in? Hope your other half comes home soon! Take care.

The tales of J&A said...

Hey house-to-be,

Hope you weren't too bored by the end of it all!! Especially after reading my rants and raves that I put on here.

I have found that it is very therapeutic to vent on here ... saves a fortune in psychologists I'm sure!! hahaaha

We built in Melinton Estate, Lyndhurst. In case you don't know which side of town ... about 10 mins before you get to Cranbourne. There are a couple of new estates releasing land around us ... Marriott Waters and The Rise. It's a lovely area ... bit of a pain when you want take away because it's a bit of a drive to get to places at the moment but you get used to it.

I've got used to the bagged look of the Portico .. it's just the colour that still doesn't do it for me. There was a house for sale around the corner from us and it has the bagged look and I really like it ... a darker colour so I think that will make the difference.

Having the driveway and part of a garden is awesome. Firstly, made a huge difference to the amount of dirt that was coming into the house, but secondly it just lifts the look of the house. Can't wait until the front is finished!!

Better half is coming home on the 20th - woo hoo!!!

What house are you looking at building??

house-to-be said...

Hello! No I wasn't bored at all, I actually enjoyed it all - started way back at the beginning and read all the way through! I had some great laughs......

We have had a big week, today we signed a contract on a 800m2 block of dirt at Mernda which we put a deposit on last Monday. We currently live in Vermont and ready for a change and a new house! We have signed with PD and will be building the Cremorne 41. Did our electrical plan this week, and want to move forward as quickly as possible. We are booked in for a June start date but would be great to start a week or two earlier.

So, I might just start a blog myself. I've found alot of useful information from the few couples that I've read last weekend.

Going out tomorrow to put the Sold sticker on board and have some champagne with the kids (they're 10,5 and 3) so they can have a drop although I think the 3yo would prefer a beer!

How hard or expensive is it to re-paint the portico? Can you just paint over the existing colour? I'm not looking forward to colour picking as the other half totally useless when it comes to those sorts of things so all of that (inside and outside) will fall on my shoulders.......will keep you updated!

Bonus is that Estate provides all fencing (colorbond) and front landscaping so that will be great for us. Not planning on doing alot with the backyard, a row of shrubs with a row of trees behind on the the boundary and then just all turf for the kids to run around on. Would like to put in a pool down the side as the distance between alfresco and fence will be 7m.

Not long until the 20th! Will he be home for good?