Monday, March 03, 2008

How to decide

I've just come back from a lovely weekend in Hobart seeing hubby and my two wicked step children. Had an awesome time (mainly because I hadn't seen John for almost 3 weeks) but also hadn't seen the kids since christmas.

As much as the little buggers drive me mad, I love them just as much as they annoy me so it all balances out!!!

As you all know, I'm itching to get my bike licence (given my hissy fit in January and decision not to go for it then) and I always look longingly at the bikes that race past me ... generally murming the comment "lucky bastard".

Yesterday my heart skipped a beat when John pointed out a Suzuki GS500. "what do you think of that?" was the question. What do you say .. it look just like the sort of bike I wanted but figured I wasn't allowed to have it as a learner.

I answered with the standard "yeah looks way cool" and kept walking.

John proceeded to talk to the owner and came back a few minutes later. It is a bike that I could possibly get under the new learner system, enabling me to get a bigger bike and not ride around on a 250!!!

I took a quick look at the Suzuki website this morning when I arrived and sent the link to John with the statement .... 'and only $7,990 brand new!!' (with smiley face for good measure).

The response .....

"If you want it I'll buy you one but there is a trade off ... I'll be working away for longer".

What to say oh what to say!

Of course I want him home soon but hey ... what's another few months away compared with the absolute joy I would get out of riding a bike to work every day.

AND the colours I like would match my helmet.

Surely it's a no brainer :-)))

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J said...

Well its nice to know where i stand....... I guess :(