Friday, March 28, 2008

The Kids

I was going to post a couple of photos of the backyard (before pic of course) so that when the work starts around the place you can see what we have achieved.

Unfortunately after looking at the pics on the camera I am so embarassed about the amount of weeds I'll wait until I've done some culling this weekend.

It's amazing to see how much they have taken over in a couple of months - unless you are completely on top of it they just take over the whole ground and somehow you just get used to it and don't do a thing about it!!!

On the landscaping front, John went back over the old drainage trench as it had filled in a little bit due to the rain and weather we have had since then. Next weekend we'll at least fill one section of it (road base, pipe etc) and then start on the next section.

Dad will hopefully be down next weekend to lay the foundations for the garden beds so the backyard should be full of workers - the puppies will love having people in their domain!!

On the camera I also found some pics of the kids from christmas that I had forgotten were on there ... so figured I'll show them instead as they are a much better thing to look at than our weedy back yard!!!!

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