Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Tasmanians arrived

On Saturday our little estate didn't know what hit them when 3 mean, rough bikies headed down our street.

Ok .. so mean and rough is completely over exaggerated.

More like 4, over middle aged people in the prime of their lives spending their children's inheritance and enjoying the good life!!!

It was very cool to see John's dad and his partner Marly with 2 friends (Viv & Connie) get on their bikes and take a trip down the Great Ocean Road for a week. Who knows where they will end up after the navigation by Tony to even get to our place, but I guess that will be the fun of it all.

As I write this they are probably wreaking havoc and having a bloody good time while they do it!!

I hope I do cool stuff like that when I'm old :-)))


house-to-be said...

Your garden looks great, such a difference when plants/mulch are in. Well done! I'm just in the process of creating my blog! Is hubby home now?

Anonymous said...

See here or here

Dave A said...

Andy tis dave who did ur driveway? i need some concreting