Monday, March 17, 2008

Some new plants

Well I couldn't help myself ... I've been very good for such a long time but the itch to get some new plants in the front garden was killing me. With no child and no husband, the weekend was the perfect time to wander in and out of nurseries with no complaining.

Because I have my eye on the bigger prize (back patio getting done) I didn't want to go overboard so I just bought enough to finish off the little garden bed around the letterbox.

The photo is not so good as I took it with my phone but it looks quite lovely.
I'm hoping the effect around the bed of the driveway will be a two step hedge ... you can't see them very well on this pic but there are little hedge plants (same as the ones at the front windows) next to the driveway, then there is another plant behind it that will hedge as well to about 40cm. The ground was awful so I spent some time hitting it with claybreaker and putting some new soil in there.
Fingers crossed the little plants survive!!


Rel said...

It's looking great !!!!!! Isn't it lovely to pull up to your house and know the front is done. Ours got landscaped last week (nothing flash it was provided by the developers bit is has made a huge difference)

So when does work start on the back ?

Bernadette & Perry said...

Nice work. Makes me realise how much work(and expense) we have ahead of us.

Evil J said...

expense !!...... expense !! you have no freakin idea.

Rel, in answer to your question, work starts on the back as soon as I get home.